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by Matt Johnson

Gaiam Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Custom Fit Yoga Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam has outdone themselves with this incredible product, a clear upgrade from its predecessor: the Gaiam Original. The Custom Fit’s design merges ergonomics and fitness into a clever office furniture piece. By simply sitting down, your spine becomes vertically aligned in perfect ergonomic conformity. Your body automatically knows how to sit straight as your abs and core muscles tone while keeping you upright.  Overtime, you’ll find that your back build strength and pain due to sitting starts to subside.

In addition, you’ll love the fact that the exercise ball is removable so you’ll be able to take quick fitness breaks through out your day.  As an additional bonus, it comes packaged with a compact pump for proper inflation, a desk-reference fitness manual, and a nicely made DVD featuring quick office exercises you can perform on your work breaks.

Eliminate back pain, improve your posture and strengthen your core from the comfort of your desk.

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Exercise Ball Chairs in the Media

As these incredible ergonomic products gain more and more popularity, they have begun to capture the media’s eye.  Offices and work places across the country are quickly tossing out their traditional seats for a more modern approach to ergonomics.  Some schools have completely switched over to this new paradigm in healthful seating.  Check out what people have to say about the amazing health benefits of simply changing the way you sit.

One of many schools finds that not only are these balance chairs more healthful,
they also help improve concentration:

Ehow covers how these products can improve lower back pain
and how they should be used:

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